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Plastic Pollution

How A Holiday In The Philippines Highlighted Our Global Crisis


Did you watch Blue Planet Two? It was a truly magnificent series, assuming you too were one of the 17+ million viewers, wouldn’t you agree? Educational and informative of course, but alongside the nurturing tones of Sir…

It Makes Total (Christmas) Scents

Essential Oils for the Festive Season


Hands up who has bought a sneaky extra candle when shopping for a friend as the festive season approaches? After all, what is Christmas without those familiar seasonal scents of cinnamon, clove and perhaps a little…

The Handmaid’s Tale

A Life Loved Book Club


Before I introduce you to our first book, The Handmaid’s Tale by the fabulously eccentric Margaret Atwood, let me briefly tell you about myself; I’m Julia Gallacher: Slightly less eccentric, and a lot less fabulous, but also…

The Marmite Effect of Instagram

Social Media FOMO + Addiction


Instagram – are you a lover or a hater? Chances are if you love Instagram, you’ll be wondering how anyone could hate the marvellous social media app with those little addictive squares – it’s all so pastel…

Give me More Marrakech!

Advice for the First Time Visitor


Having spent the last four years working a demanding job by day and studying by night (and any other spare minute left in the day!), I seriously needed to plan a holiday and have something lovely…