Family Relationships

Amsterfam: Frocks

From London to Amsterdam with three kids


It is the last day of 2017 and it is pissing it down. I know, right? Your woman in Amsterdam has the inside track. The weather in The Netherlands is shitty. In the few months we’ve…

I’m Sorry For Your Loss

Grief & Loss


I want to scream. Those words are beginning to deeply irritate me. They seem so completely bizarre at the time of someone’s death. My beloved Nan died very recently and I have had so many messages, all…

Be More Danish!

Moving our Family to Copenhagen


Hello, Possums! I’m rarely speechless (the question of whether there is an off-switch on me may have been asked before, eeep) but even I am struggling to put aptly into words just how ridiculously thrilled I…

A Case For The Private Love Letter

Heartfelt & Handwritten Notes of Love


On sorting through my Mother’s papers after her death last year, I discovered a battered old leather suitcase tucked away at the back of her bedroom cupboard. Inside was a cardboard box lined lovingly with pink…

Amsterfam: Frayed

From London To Amsterdam With Three Kids


At the beginning of the second week of Dutch school, I find myself in sole charge of our three children, because My Lawyer husband has gone away with The Job He Won’t Have To Travel With….