Home Life

Home is where the heart is – use these pages to explore interior design and renovations, gather tips on entertaining guests at home, learn how to grow things and nurture your outdoor space and be inspired by our archive of recipes that we’ll be adding to every week.

Cheesy Leeks

A Christmas table must-have


Our family cannot sit down at a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal without cheesy leeks. In fact, barely a Sunday roast goes by without a hot, bubbling dish of crunchy-topped leeks being set on the table. Where…

Why You Should Consider a Booze-Free Christmas

Healthy Lifestyle Choices


Hello, my name is Lizzie and I’m the founder of State Of Liberty. Incorporating six key elements – yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pampering and sleep – we’re creating online wellbeing retreats that give you the freedom…

Banana Oat Muffins

Cake for breakfast


Packed with slow-burn, energy-boosting bananas and oats and not too sweet, these somewhat virtuous banana muffins are tasty and healthy enough for breakfast on the go, but enough of a treat for an afternoon pick me…

Smoked Mackerel, Grapefruit & Lentil Salad

Healthy & Delicious


It is one of Mother Nature’s greatest reassurances, that just as the days are getting depressingly short and dark, along comes citrus season to lift our spirits with tastes and colours of summer. It’s genuinely one…

Scruffy Entertaining

Entertainment with a little e


My mother in law has text to say she’s coming round. No, sorry. She’s ‘popping by for a bit’. Cue a 23 minute scramble to clear surface space, empty the laundry bin, and put the Funny…