Real Life

Real life stories will bind together the content of A Life Loved. We don’t want to shy away from anything we have to face in life as human beings and more importantly, as women – so expect lots of honest and heartfelt stories, uplifting content from inspirational women, career interviews, discussions around feminism and interesting and topical points of view.

But What about Your Pension?

A Career Change at 40


But What About Your Pension? They were some of the very first words uttered to me by several people including my parents when I broke the news that I would be leaving my career of 17…

Plastic Pollution

How A Holiday In The Philippines Highlighted Our Global Crisis


Did you watch Blue Planet Two? It was a truly magnificent series, assuming you too were one of the 17+ million viewers, wouldn’t you agree? Educational and informative of course, but alongside the nurturing tones of Sir…

Alive and Unplugged

Detaching Yourself from Social Media


One of my earliest childhood memories is of pressing my ear against the pavement outside my parents’ house in an attempt to hear people on the other side of the world… Yes I was a strange…

And Then The Rains Came

My Experience of the 2015 Floods


I’d been looking forward to December 5th 2015 for a number of months. Matt (my husband) and I were going on our annual pilgrimage to see our Favourite band in Manchester. We tended to make a…

Join the Anti-Lycra Brigade

Cycling To Work Like They Do in Copenhagen


Last autumn, sick of soggy London commutes on trains full of spewing, spluttering City workers, I bought a bike. After taking it out to cycle the entire 3-mile journey to Brixton for lunch with a friend, and…

How one moment changed my life forever

Being Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 27


I have thought long and hard over the past few months about writing and publishing my story. I flick-flack between wanting to make my story known, so that it can help someone else, to feeling ashamed…

Glitz, Glamour & A Call To Arms

Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes


Diamonds and Dior. Glitz and gowns. As a person who takes real pleasure in dressing up for the occasional swanky do, I’ve watched the Golden Globe Awards a number of times over the years. An event…

Seven Days

Ditching Bad Habits for Healthy Routine


Happy New Year to you lovelies! I’m so delighted to have you here, and so thrilled to be back writing for A Life Loved after a much needed festive-break, time spent seeing in the New Year…

Amsterfam: Frocks

From London to Amsterdam with three kids


It is the last day of 2017 and it is pissing it down. I know, right? Your woman in Amsterdam has the inside track. The weather in The Netherlands is shitty. In the few months we’ve…