Real Life

Real life stories will bind together the content of A Life Loved. We don’t want to shy away from anything we have to face in life as human beings and more importantly, as women – so expect lots of honest and heartfelt stories, uplifting content from inspirational women, career interviews, discussions around feminism and interesting and topical points of view.

Amsterfam: Frayed

From London To Amsterdam With Three Kids


At the beginning of the second week of Dutch school, I find myself in sole charge of our three children, because My Lawyer husband has gone away with The Job He Won’t Have To Travel With….

Deaf Refugees – My Trip to Calais

Helping Others Less Fortunate


The photo above was taken in a cafe inside the camp where we had lunch. I’ve called this photograph ‘A seat at the table’, and to me, it represents everything about this crisis. This is what…

Welcome to A Life Loved

A New Kind of Lifestyle Blog


I took this little video shortly before midnight last night, after I’d tiptoed into the living room to take a break from the screen by the warmth of the fire. I needed a little time out…

Dear Google…

Single Parenting, Online Dating and Pink Air Max Trainers


This week I searched Google for the answers to the following questions; ‘Is vitamin D the new Vitamin C’? ‘When is the next full moon’? ‘How to manifest on a full moon’ ‘How to write a…

The Marmite Effect of Instagram

Social Media FOMO + Addiction


Instagram – are you a lover or a hater? Chances are if you love Instagram, you’ll be wondering how anyone could hate the marvellous social media app with those little addictive squares – it’s all so pastel…