The Future of Blogging is Alive and Kicking

An Essay on the Current Status and Future of Blogging in 2018

Go get a cuppa friend – find yourself a comfy top pot on the sofa or snuggle down beneath the sheets of a Sunday lie-in. This is a long one, which I’m afraid could not be…

14 min

These Are The Days

Navigating my way through parenting & accepting the fate of my ovaries

I’ve secretly wanted 3 children for almost my entire adult life, but the practicalities of having 3 when you already have 2 daughters and 3 dogs and run your own home-based business are not as straight…

7 min

Have You Had Your Smear?

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – #smearforsmear

It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is a ruddy good job, because, had it not been, the letter from my Doctor prompting me to book my actual smear test, that arrived months ago and has been…

2 min

Seven Days

Ditching bad habits for healthy routine

Happy New Year to you lovelies! I’m so delighted to have you here, and so thrilled to be back writing for A Life Loved after a much needed festive-break, time spent seeing in the New Year…

9 min

Welcome to A Life Loved

A New Kind of Lifestyle Blog

I took this little video shortly before midnight last night, after I’d tiptoed into the living room to take a break from the screen by the warmth of the fire. I needed a little time out…

6 min