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Our final feature

Six months ago, we hit the ‘go live’ button on our new ‘lifestyle’ site – a space that was intended to be an extension of the loveliness of Love My Dress, a community where our newlywed…

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Six Months In

Our achievements so far and planning for the future

Hello you, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday relaxing and finding a little time for you. I wanted to reserve this spot in our editorial calendar to write from my heart, today, as my thoughts…

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Being Unashamedly Yourself

How Whitby Goth Weekend sets a wonderful standard for acceptance and weirdness

This past weekend was ‘Goth Weekend’ in Whitby, one of two equally titled events organised by the same people that take place in Spring and Autumn (usually Halloween weekend) in Whitby each year. As I live…

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Extra Extra Large

It’s 2018 – why is Zara still not doing sizing right?

On Saturday, my youngest daughter and I visited Newcastle to do a little shopping. I rarely do proper shop-shopping these days – most of what I purchase is done online. To be perfectly honest, I really…

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The Future of Blogging is Alive and Kicking

An Essay on the Current Status and Future of Blogging in 2018

Go get a cuppa friend – find yourself a comfy top pot on the sofa or snuggle down beneath the sheets of a Sunday lie-in. This is a long one, which I’m afraid could not be…

15 min

These Are The Days

Navigating my way through parenting & accepting the fate of my ovaries

I’ve secretly wanted 3 children for almost my entire adult life, but the practicalities of having 3 when you already have 2 daughters and 3 dogs and run your own home-based business are not as straight…

7 min

Have You Had Your Smear?

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – #smearforsmear

It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is a ruddy good job, because, had it not been, the letter from my Doctor prompting me to book my actual smear test, that arrived months ago and has been…

2 min

Seven Days

Ditching bad habits for healthy routine

Happy New Year to you lovelies! I’m so delighted to have you here, and so thrilled to be back writing for A Life Loved after a much needed festive-break, time spent seeing in the New Year…

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