Selling Your House (whilst trying to stay sane)

The realities of preparing your home for a potential buyer viewing

Three weeks ago we decided to put our house on the market. We have lived here for 12 years and our children have grown up in this little corner of the world. We love our home…

5 min

Book Review: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Something for the weekend

I’ve always been drawn to stories of people, especially children. overcoming situations of adversity. So when I stumbled upon a synopsis of ‘The Glass Castle’, I immediately added it to my list of things to read…

3 min


The physical and psychological impact

I used to feel terribly indulgent and guilty for getting so upset about the skin on my face. I don’t consider myself to be a vain person, but vanity kept stepping forward to steal the limelight…

6 min

International Women’s Day 2018


Today is my daughters 14th birthday. It is also International Women’s Day. Somehow that feels significant – I can’t quite describe why. I am mum to 3 girls, aged 17, 14 and 11. Raising my girls is…

3 min

Opulence and Poverty

A week in California

I’m writing this through bleary eyes after a rubbish 2-3 hrs of sleep due to jet-lag. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – getting to spend a week in Los Angeles and Huntington Beach in…

6 min

Drummer Grrrls

Because drumming is not just reserved for boys

In 1992, I was sixteen years old. The alternative rock subgenre ‘grunge’ had emerged in Seattle, Washington during the mid-late eighties and had finally made its way across the water. I was ready to embrace it….

4 min


What the f**k is it all about?

Considered extremely uncouth by many, swearing seems to serve a different purpose to different people. I’m putting it out there that I love a good swear – somehow the words, that often sound as angry as…

6 min

Votes for Women!

Women’s rights & equality

It’s easy to forget some of the privileges that we have in modern day society – having a political voice being one of them. Today marks 100 years since women over the age of 30 were…

5 min

Women and Tattoos

Judgement, art, beauty and a very brief history

Once considered the lowest form of ‘art’, associated with criminality, carnival freaks and sexual promiscuity, women with tattoos have had a bit of a rough ride over the last couple of centuries. The stigma attached to…

7 min