Drummer Grrrls

Because drumming is not just reserved for boys

In 1992, I was sixteen years old. The alternative rock subgenre ‘grunge’ had emerged in Seattle, Washington during the mid-late eighties and had finally made its way across the water. I was ready to embrace it….


What the f**k is it all about?

Considered extremely uncouth by many, swearing seems to serve a different purpose to different people. I’m putting it out there that I love a good swear – somehow the words, that often sound as angry as…

Votes for Women!

Women’s rights & equality

It’s easy to forget some of the privileges that we have in modern day society – having a political voice being one of them. Today marks 100 years since women over the age of 30 were…

Women and Tattoos

Judgement, art, beauty and a very brief history

Once considered the lowest form of ‘art’, associated with criminality, carnival freaks and sexual promiscuity, women with tattoos have had a bit of a rough ride over the last couple of centuries. The stigma attached to…

And Then The Rains Came

My experience of the 2015 floods

I’d been looking forward to December 5th 2015 for a number of months. Matt (my husband) and I were going on our annual pilgrimage to see our favourite band in Manchester. We tended to make a…


New year reflections

The start of a new year inevitably sees many of us reminiscing on times gone by; a chance to sift through the good and the bad of our lives so far and keep or discard that…

What Being Vegan Means To Me

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Having been a vegetarian since my early teens, my 19th year on this planet saw me take the plunge and ‘Go Vegan’. I had always been empathetic to the plight of animals for as long as…