The Joys of Impromptu Camping

How an unplanned night under canvas (or nylon) can recharge those batteries

I didn’t really camp much as a child – my family opted for different types of holidays, all wonderful, but never camping. We did however camp out in the back garden on occasion (which was a…

5 min

The Homeschool Diaries, Part 1: A Typical Day

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Since the publication of the feature I wrote explaining why I decided to homeschool one of my daughters, I have been asked a number of times about various aspects of homeschooling; What do you do each…

5 min

The Kindness of Strangers

Simple acts make all the difference

I live in Kendal, South Lake District within a community that is mourning the loss of a talented chef and marathon runner. I did not know Matt Campbell personally, but I know many people who did….

4 min

Oh, For The Love of Horror

Why do we like to be scared?

I think I was about 8 years old (1984/85) when I first watched ‘The Shining’. Mesmerised by the music from the very beginning, I had stumbled across this film by accident. Dad was out and my…

5 min

Mum Guilt

An inevitable by-product of motherhood?

I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is a new mum to a beautiful 8 month old girl. She was telling me how she felt guilty about not attending enough ‘baby groups’ as…

7 min

Coming of Age

Mixed emotions as my first born turns 18

I have found myself becoming distracted by the fact that very soon my daughter, my first born, turns 18. Only 19 days until, in the eyes of the law at least, she is regarded as an…

5 min

Pocket Money

Setting realistic expectations for children

There are clearly advantages and disadvantages to giving children pocket money. Advantages could include the ability to learn how to budget from a young age and save up for something they might like to purchase. Disadvantages…

4 min


It’s time to update how we define and measure intelligence in our modern world

When we think of measuring intelligence we could be forgiven for instantly referring to or thinking of IQ scores. An ‘intelligence quotient’ is derived by dividing a persons ‘mental age’ score, from a standardised IQ test,…

6 min