Hey, are you OK? Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week

‘Just ‘cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there’. These are lyrics from Linkin Park’s ‘One more light’, which, having learned about their front man, Chester Bennington’s tragic death by suicide, become only more…

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Learning to Love Exercise

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate

I really love exercise. If I could, I’d spend most of my time doing some form of it and mostly outdoors in the open. I’m utterly useless at technical sports since I lack almost all hand-eye…

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No more cakes. No more biscuits. No more crisps.

Could an ‘innocent’ children’s book be contributing to the eating disorders epidemic?

I was recently enjoying a one-year-old’s birthday party when I stumbled upon a copy of one of her books: ‘The Large Family – A Piece Of Cake’. An innocent purchase and a much loved classic children’s…

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Why I’ll Never Ascribe to Clean Eating

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Since A Life Loved launched, I’ve known I’ve wanted to write this article but shied away from it so many times. Not because I don’t believe 100% in the words I’m about to write, but because…

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One Christmas Eve

A short story for national storytelling week

Jessie woke as she always did. She flailed restlessly in the heavy bedsheets, feeling the weight of the winter duvet pressing against her body, willing her back into the soft white envelope of comfort and safety….

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The Messenger

A short story for national storytelling week

He stood, motionless, dazed, a pool of water gathering about his feet and disappearing into the sand as if he were traceless, invisible. As though he stood upon a golden creature, thirsty, drinking in his residue,…

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Plastic Pollution

How a holiday in the Philippines highlighted our global crisis

Did you watch Blue Planet Two? It was a truly magnificent series, assuming you too were one of the 17+ million viewers, wouldn’t you agree? Educational and informative of course, but alongside the nurturing tones of Sir…

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