Eating With The Eyes

For the love of Italian Food (+ a recipe for Ravioli with Ricotta Cheese, Courgettes and Giant Red Shrimps)

A pasta machine has been relegated to the bottom shelf of our kitchen cupboard for longer than I am prepared to admit due to the fact that neither of us have time to use it. My…

7 min

What Do I Do Now?

When someone you love has dementia

She looked up at me innocently, her soft blue eyes with their flecks of grey widening like a small child’s. She looked so mystified and innocent that I could hardly bear it. ‘One, two, three, seventeen,…

8 min

The Olive Harvest

A short story for national storytelling week

Dressed in thick woollen tights and long skirts to protect both her modesty and body from the bitter cold, Lavinia worked diligently alongside other local women during the winter olive harvest. The year was 1960 and…

10 min

Alive and Unplugged

Detaching yourself from social media

One of my earliest childhood memories is of pressing my ear against the pavement outside my parents’ house in an attempt to hear people on the other side of the world… Yes I was a strange…

5 min

A Case For The Private Love Letter

Heartfelt & handwritten notes of love

On sorting through my Mother’s papers after her death last year, I discovered a battered old leather suitcase tucked away at the back of her bedroom cupboard. Inside was a cardboard box lined lovingly with pink…

5 min