Finding Your State of Flow

Or, how to get your groove on with day-to-day activities so they only ever bring you pleasure and lasting satisfaction

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning to an empty calendar. The clock said 9.30 am. I began to make a mental list of to-dos, categorising my various life and work admin…

5 min

The True Meaning of Hygge

When popular culture gets it wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely seen or heard the word ‘Hygge’ at some point over the last 18 months. But in case you haven’t, Hygge is a Danish word for cozy, intimate,…

3 min

Confessions of a Spend Thrift

Or muddling my way through money management

Last week, on my way home from work, I stopped to buy a Kinder Bueno while waiting for my 6.15 train at Blackfriars. After spending far too long looking at the cover of magazines that I…

4 min

The Plight of the Smug Married

Stop preaching to and patronising your single friends

I would like to discuss the plight of the ‘Smug Married’ – a moniker made popular by Bridget Jones in the mid nineties, there are no people less cool, less popular, or more annoying, than your Smug…

3 min

The Cult of Busy-ness

A call for calm in our overwhelmed lives

As a lawyer, I measure my days in six minute intervals. The little timer at the corner of my screen currently tells me I’ve spent 18 minutes responding to emails, 36 minutes on a conference call discussing…

4 min

Post-Wedding Project Brain

Or, how not to beat the post-wedding blues

I had been warned that there would be a bit of a comedown after the wedding. Like the average bride, wedding planning had probably been the single biggest occupier of my mind for over a year. And…

4 min

Join the Anti-Lycra Brigade

Cycling to work like they do in Copenhagen

Last autumn, sick of soggy London commutes on trains full of spewing, spluttering City workers, I bought a bike. After taking it out to cycle the entire 3-mile journey to Brixton for lunch with a friend, and…

4 min

Adventures in London House Hunting

Home ownership affordability

17 missed calls. 3 new messages. I have 23 emails in my junk folder from estate agents. They use lots of exclamation marks. My phone rings again and I answer it, drawing looks from colleagues. My…

4 min

Scruffy Entertaining

Entertainment with a little e

My mother in law has text to say she’s coming round. No, sorry. She’s ‘popping by for a bit’. Cue a 23 minute scramble to clear surface space, empty the laundry bin, and put the Funny…

3 min