Beating Stress by Slowing Down

Simple Yoga for the month of March

March blew in beast-like from all sides, trampling down the fresh shoots, darkening the sky and then leaving just as abruptly. Amidst the worst of weather we Moved House. I feel it deserves capitals, it felt like…

2 min

Value Based Decision Making

Living your truth and working out what’s important

Are you struggling with making a major life decision? Or are you unsure what direction to take in the future? Maybe you have a less dramatic sounding decision to make that is, the outcome of which…

4 min

Letter to my Teenage Son

How to be a good man, or ‘The Book of Mum’

Two years ago, my teenage son told me he wanted to go and live with his father in South Africa. His dream was to attend a well-known boys’ school near Capetown for his A-levels, a school which…

5 min

Creating a Little Space for 2018

Making you time a priority

I have always loved New Year. The New Year represents a clean slate, a fresh start, a whole 365 days ahead of possibilities. All the sins of 2017 forgiven and forgotten overnight! Every year since I can…

4 min