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International Volunteers Week

Giving up your time to help others

June 1st-7th 2018, is International volunteers week. An annual opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the millions of people across the globe who give up their own time, for free, to help others. ‘A…

3 min


Keeping a daily diary in our modern world

I never kept a journal/diary as a kid, although I always kind of wanted to. I think I was too lazy or perhaps felt that I didn’t really have anything of importance to write down –…

2 min

How to build a sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank

Four top tips for breaking the fast-fashion cycle

If you’ve ever Googled (or Bing’d, Yahoo’d or whatever else you use) ‘ethical fashion brands’ you’re going to think the title of this piece is lying to you. I feel ya. When I first started getting…

4 min

How to Make Your Own Lavender Balm

Get creative and save money

One of the many reasons I was drawn to aromatherapy was to play and experiment with making my own products so as to avoid using synthetic chemicals where possible.  A simple example I wanted to share…

2 min

A Life Loved in Letters

The joy of the handwritten letter

One of life’s most simple pleasures is receiving a handwritten note from friends or family; it’s a luxury that is free to send but such a precious gift to receive. How wonderful it is to be…

4 min

It’s Good To Be Board

The beauty of board games

As I’m typing this, tensions in my house are running a little high. It’s fair to say that Son, The Hottie and I are all pretty competitive people so tonight’s been a bit fraught. But we’ve…

4 min

Musical Youth

An exploration of the role music plays in our lives

That image above is one of my favourite childhood photos. Not just because I’m sporting that mischievous smile, but because it represents the role music has played in my life from a young age. From falling…

5 min

It Makes Total (Christmas) Scents

Essential oils for the festive season

Hands up who has bought a sneaky extra candle when shopping for a friend as the festive season approaches? After all, what is Christmas without those familiar seasonal scents of cinnamon, clove and perhaps a little…

4 min

The Marmite Effect of Instagram

Social Media FOMO + Addiction

Instagram – are you a lover or a hater? Chances are if you love Instagram, you’ll be wondering how anyone could hate the marvellous social media app with those little addictive squares – it’s all so pastel…

6 min