World Music Day – June 21st 2018

Celebrating the impact music has on our lives

The beauty of music resonates with so many and the impact it has on our lives is almost indescribable – I’d say it was more of a feeling, not always fully understood but something that is…

6 min

Drummer Grrrls

Because drumming is not just reserved for boys

In 1992, I was sixteen years old. The alternative rock subgenre ‘grunge’ had emerged in Seattle, Washington during the mid-late eighties and had finally made its way across the water. I was ready to embrace it….

4 min

Musical Youth

An exploration of the role music plays in our lives

That image above is one of my favourite childhood photos. Not just because I’m sporting that mischievous smile, but because it represents the role music has played in my life from a young age. From falling…

5 min