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These pages are for those seeking advice or to learn about the experience of others on matters of fertility and trying for a baby, parenting, family relationships, friendship, marriage and love.

The Homeschool Diaries, Part 2: Preparing to Homeschool

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Once you have made the decision to homeschool your child or children, then a certain amount of preparation is necessary to ensure that you are equipped (both mentally and in terms of ‘stuff’) to do the…

5 min

Ending One Life to Save Another

Excrutiating life choices + learning to forgive ourselves as parents

Today the sun is shining. My two year old is playing in the paddling pool and my eight year old is at school. Today is beautiful. I often struggle however with feeling like I should be…

7 min

Amsterdam: Labia Wink

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

It’s Pinksterdag! That sounds fun, right? All these spring national holidays in The Netherlands keep taking us by surprise, resulting in a what’s-fucking-next anxious disposition, which isn’t, I’m sure, what a national holiday is meant to…

5 min

Big Little Trip: A Mother and Daughter Travel Adventure

Part 6: Worldschooling in Nicaragua

Lisa has spent almost a decade juggling her career as a television producer with single motherhood, she is now taking a year out to go backpacking around Latin America with her nine-year-old daughter, Lily. You can…

8 min

Times with my dad: Life, death and values

Dementia Awareness Week

A few weeks ago, I went to a driving range with my dad, he turns 78 this year – just him and me hanging out for a few hours on a Friday morning, doing something fun. It…

10 min

Thank You, Love

When love is the way

On 19th May I watched Doria Ragland eyes fill with tears as she sat alone in St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle. I felt so moved, I wanted to reach out and give her a warm…

5 min

Life After Parental Suicide

The goodbye I never got to say

Dear Dad, Much like you with the note that you wrote, I too don’t know where to begin. How do I possibly begin to say goodbye to you? To you, oh to you, my Dad… I…

8 min

The Homeschool Diaries, Part 1: A Typical Day

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Since the publication of the feature I wrote explaining why I decided to homeschool one of my daughters, I have been asked a number of times about various aspects of homeschooling; What do you do each…

5 min

Treasure Your Tribe

A Love Letter to Friendship

I consider myself inordinately lucky to have my friends. I have little pockets scattered everywhere and it is pretty much ace. I have a unique history with them all, and it’s so special to me. I…

2 min

Amsterfam: A Woman Like Me

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

The six year old has upgraded into the seven year old. The reboot features roller-skates, a birthday brunch and a cake to share with her classmates from a Dutch recipe book that could have been dictated…

6 min