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These pages are for those seeking advice or to learn about the experience of others on matters of fertility and trying for a baby, parenting, family relationships, friendship, marriage and love.

Times with my dad: Life, death and values

Dementia Awareness Week

A few weeks ago, I went to a driving range with my dad, he turns 78 this year – just him and me hanging out for a few hours on a Friday morning, doing something fun. It…

10 min

Thank You, Love

When love is the way

On 19th May I watched Doria Ragland eyes fill with tears as she sat alone in St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle. I felt so moved, I wanted to reach out and give her a warm…

5 min

Life After Parental Suicide

The goodbye I never got to say

Dear Dad, Much like you with the note that you wrote, I too don’t know where to begin. How do I possibly begin to say goodbye to you? To you, oh to you, my Dad… I…

8 min

The Homeschool Diaries, Part 1: A Typical Day

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Since the publication of the feature I wrote explaining why I decided to homeschool one of my daughters, I have been asked a number of times about various aspects of homeschooling; What do you do each…

5 min

Treasure Your Tribe

A Love Letter to Friendship

I consider myself inordinately lucky to have my friends. I have little pockets scattered everywhere and it is pretty much ace. I have a unique history with them all, and it’s so special to me. I…

2 min

Amsterfam: A Woman Like Me

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

The six year old has upgraded into the seven year old. The reboot features roller-skates, a birthday brunch and a cake to share with her classmates from a Dutch recipe book that could have been dictated…

6 min

Maternal Mental Health

Mental health awareness for mums

I have written and rewritten this article more times than I care to admit, but the main reason is I really want to get this right. This week is perinatal mental health awareness week and that…

9 min

Who is Looking After New Mums?

Learning to prioritise self-care after a baby

I had a bad year in 2016; my second son was just a year old and both physically and mentally, I felt like I’d dragged myself through that first year of his life. I was looking…

11 min

Mum Guilt

An inevitable by-product of motherhood?

I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is a new mum to a beautiful 8 month old girl. She was telling me how she felt guilty about not attending enough ‘baby groups’ as…

7 min

Dealing With The Loss of a Parent

A letter to myself

Dear Me, 2012, It’s impossible to put into words how you are feeling right now, after mom passed away so tragically and so prematurely.  Six years later, I have the benefit of hindsight, clarity, logic, but…

4 min