Fertility & Trying for a Baby

Positive Birth Stories

A collection of ‘positive’ birth stories in the words of those who experienced them.

This is a long one folks and it includes some quite specific details of actual human births. We appreciate this feature won’t be for all our readers because there are many people who choose a childfree…

18 min

Baby Love

When is the right time to try for a baby?

I’m not a decisive person, as anyone who knows me reasonably well will tell you. If I chose the cheesecake for dessert I’m always quite convinced the moment I’ve done so that it’s not the best…

5 min


A GP’s guide to everything you need to know

Hello everyone, and huge apologies for this piece being slightly later than anticipated. Life has just got in the way in the last few weeks as we’ve just bought our first home as a couple. Thank…

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We’re Trying For A Baby

Practical advice from a GP

We’re so happy to introduce A Life Loved contributor Doctor Aisha Davies. With her years of experience as a GP, Aisha will be writing about all sorts of topics for us from general health to fertility…

7 min

Please Don’t Ask Me Why I Don’t Have Kids

Fertility & Trying for a Baby

This was written after a very well meaning lady, who is older than myself, asked me why we don’t have kids yet. And right there in that tiny collection of words, my very fragile heart was…

10 min