What the f**k is it all about?


Considered extremely uncouth by many, swearing seems to serve a different purpose to different people. I’m putting it out there that I love a good swear – somehow the words, that often sound as angry as…

Xian Hui

A story of hope and survival after stillbirth


Where do you start with the hardest and most bittersweet story you will ever have to write? The story of my little darling girl that died, the longed for baby that we tried for nearly three…

Letter to my Teenage Son

How to be a good man, or ‘The Book of Mum’


Two years ago, my teenage son told me he wanted to go and live with his father in South Africa. His dream was to attend a well-known boys’ school near Capetown for his A-levels, a school which…

Labour Day

My positive (emergency C-section) birth experience


Firstly, right off the bat I want to say that I had an overwhelmingly positive birth experience. I might even want to go as far as to say I had a really good time.  Having heard quite…

Me and Mine – An Essay on Motherhood

Capturing the every day, precious moments of parenting


Watching my best friend give birth at the age of seventeen was a pivotal moment in my life; it was the moment I realised I wanted to become a Mum. To witness someone giving birth, looking…