My Journey Into Motherhood

Losing and rediscovering my sense of self after becoming a mother

Two years ago I completely lost sense of who I was. I had little idea of what I was really feeling, I didn’t know who I was supposed to be, I didn’t recognise the person I saw…

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Let Them Try It Out!

What your child really gets from competitive sport

When my son started school, it’s fair to say that sport was not his thing. I’d dutifully trot along to football matches and cross country runs and watch as my boy lurked on the half-way line…

6 min

Are You Going To Keep Trying For A Boy?

An exploration of Gender Disappointment

My girls are 17, 13 and 11 years old. They bring me and my husband a huge amount of joy. Currently Freyja (17) is studying for a Diploma in Music Production at our local College and…

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Choosing A Childfree Life

Why does having children still seem to be the only acceptable option?

So, when are you going to start having children? Chances are, if you’re a woman over the age of 18, or if you’ve been married for more than 30 seconds, you’ve been asked this question. Probably by…

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These Are The Days

Navigating my way through parenting & accepting the fate of my ovaries

I’ve secretly wanted 3 children for almost my entire adult life, but the practicalities of having 3 when you already have 2 daughters and 3 dogs and run your own home-based business are not as straight…

7 min

Big Little Trip: A Mother and Daughter Travel Adventure

Part 4: Deepest, darkest Peru

Hello, it’s Lily here 🙂 I am the ‘little’ in @biglittletrip I am nine-years-old and am travelling with my mum for a year all around Latin America.  Mum has asked me to write this next post…

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What the f**k is it all about?

Considered extremely uncouth by many, swearing seems to serve a different purpose to different people. I’m putting it out there that I love a good swear – somehow the words, that often sound as angry as…

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3 months as a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Mum, Part 2

Real Life Stories

It’s been a little while since I shared the first part of my story and I’m grateful for the comments both publicly and privately in response.  Five days after my son Teddy’s birth, I was finally…

4 min

Xian Hui

A story of hope and survival after stillbirth

Where do you start with the hardest and most bittersweet story you will ever have to write? The story of my little darling girl that died, the longed for baby that we tried for nearly three…

14 min

Letter to my Teenage Son

How to be a good man, or ‘The Book of Mum’

Two years ago, my teenage son told me he wanted to go and live with his father in South Africa. His dream was to attend a well-known boys’ school near Capetown for his A-levels, a school which…

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