The Homeschool Diaries, Part 1: A Typical Day

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Since the publication of the feature I wrote explaining why I decided to homeschool one of my daughters, I have been asked a number of times about various aspects of homeschooling; What do you do each…

5 min

Amsterfam: A Woman Like Me

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

The six year old has upgraded into the seven year old. The reboot features roller-skates, a birthday brunch and a cake to share with her classmates from a Dutch recipe book that could have been dictated…

6 min

Maternal Mental Health

Mental health awareness for mums

I have written and rewritten this article more times than I care to admit, but the main reason is I really want to get this right. This week is perinatal mental health awareness week and that…

9 min

Who is Looking After New Mums?

Learning to prioritise self-care after a baby

I had a bad year in 2016; my second son was just a year old and both physically and mentally, I felt like I’d dragged myself through that first year of his life. I was looking…

11 min

Mum Guilt

An inevitable by-product of motherhood?

I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is a new mum to a beautiful 8 month old girl. She was telling me how she felt guilty about not attending enough ‘baby groups’ as…

7 min

Coming of Age

Mixed emotions as my first born turns 18

I have found myself becoming distracted by the fact that very soon my daughter, my first born, turns 18. Only 19 days until, in the eyes of the law at least, she is regarded as an…

5 min

Amsterfam: Two Raisin Swirls and a Pear

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

A national holiday in a new country is like staying over at someone’s house for the first time. You know how you roll out of bed, but how do other people roll? Do they get dressed…

7 min

Pocket Money

Setting realistic expectations for children

There are clearly advantages and disadvantages to giving children pocket money. Advantages could include the ability to learn how to budget from a young age and save up for something they might like to purchase. Disadvantages…

4 min

Positive Birth Stories

A collection of ‘positive’ birth stories in the words of those who experienced them.

This is a long one folks and it includes some quite specific details of actual human births. We appreciate this feature won’t be for all our readers because there are many people who choose a childfree…

18 min

My Journey Into Motherhood

Losing and rediscovering my sense of self after becoming a mother

Two years ago I completely lost sense of who I was. I had little idea of what I was really feeling, I didn’t know who I was supposed to be, I didn’t recognise the person I saw…

5 min