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Self care is one of the most important focuses of A Life Loved – explore these pages to learn more about activity and exercise, spirituality, health and wellbeing, self love and personal improvement.

The World’s Least Likely Weightlifter

Discovering positive mental health, confidence and friendship through CrossFit

Up until the age of 27, I was the biggest PE dodger you could ever hope to meet. My tactic during school rounders games was to get as far away from the action as possible and…

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The physical and psychological impact

I used to feel terribly indulgent and guilty for getting so upset about the skin on my face. I don’t consider myself to be a vain person, but vanity kept stepping forward to steal the limelight…

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Beating Stress by Slowing Down

Simple Yoga for the month of March

March blew in beast-like from all sides, trampling down the fresh shoots, darkening the sky and then leaving just as abruptly. Amidst the worst of weather we Moved House. I feel it deserves capitals, it felt like…

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Mastering Our Negative Thoughts

How to become a master of your thoughts and not a victim

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how we can recognise and master our negative thought patterns. I am not a psychologist, these thoughts are just my own musings from personal experience and self-reflection. By negative thought…

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Amsterfam: Ten Things The Netherlands is Doing to My Body

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

Time for a top-to-toe stock-check: here are ten ways my body has changed after half a year in The Netherlands. Hair Imagine, if you will, the love child of Brian May and Ursula the Sea Witch….

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No more cakes. No more biscuits. No more crisps.

Could an ‘innocent’ children’s book be contributing to the eating disorders epidemic?

I was recently enjoying a one-year-old’s birthday party when I stumbled upon a copy of one of her books: ‘The Large Family – A Piece Of Cake’. An innocent purchase and a much loved classic children’s…

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Why I’ll Never Ascribe to Clean Eating

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Since A Life Loved launched, I’ve known I’ve wanted to write this article but shied away from it so many times. Not because I don’t believe 100% in the words I’m about to write, but because…

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Finding Balance in this Crazy World

Self love & care

Happy Valentine everyone! Time for a little self love. And here I am, swimming in the sweet irony of writing a blog about finding balance whilst all around me is chaos. I am currently hiding in our…

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 The Therapy Of Walking

Get outside & play

My dog is a in a very happy place at the moment. As I’m writing this, she’s curled around my legs next to me on the sofa doing a rather marvellous impression of a hot water…

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Discovering The Joy of a Little Yoga Every Day

Healthy routine & commitment

It’s almost a month since I wrote this new year/reflective piece for A Life Loved and I wanted to check in to firstly see how you are getting on with new, more positive and healthy routines…

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