Healthy Life

Self care is one of the most important focuses of A Life Loved – explore these pages to learn more about activity and exercise, spirituality, health and wellbeing, self love and personal improvement.

You Are My Sunshine!

How important is exposure to the sun for our mental and physical health?

The recent spell of hot weather is a welcome change for many of us across the UK; I live in Cumbria where having consistent sunshine, for more than a few days of the year, is pretty…

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The Complexities of ‘Body-Positivity

How we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic

I was asked to respond to a comment on Annabel’s recent blog post regarding how we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic – where does promoting health, fit with body positivity?…

5 min

Facing Fitness Facts and Body Fat

Early musings on finding the time to finally get fit

Those of you who follow @alifelovedblog on Instagram might be aware that recently, I’ve taken up training. I shared some Instagram Stories yesterday  – fresh out of my hour-long training session, complete with zero makeup and…

10 min

Does Life Begin at 40?

Navigating my way through the treacle of life, in the middle of life

I’m 41 and a half years old. I’m ‘in’ my forties. ‘Naughty at forty’, hmmmm not really but then ‘sensible and responsible at forty’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Legend has it that…

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Hey, are you OK? Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week

‘Just ‘cause you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there’. These are lyrics from Linkin Park’s ‘One more light’, which, having learned about their front man, Chester Bennington’s tragic death by suicide, become only more…

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Health and Fitness the Aussie Way

5 simple measures to encourage the enjoyment of living and eating healthily

I lived in Sydney, Australia for six years. During that time I learnt a thing or two about health and fitness the ‘Aussie way’. Living and eating healthily over there is truly a lifestyle – a…

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10 Top Self Care Tips

Making sure you look after you

I’ve seen the term ‘self-care’ pop up a lot of late, but what does it actually mean? My initial thoughts were that is was to do with allowing and giving time for yourself, guilt free…perhaps it…

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Migraine Variant Balance Disorder: My Experience

How yoga and meditation changed my life forever

Hello, I’m Charli, a British based wedding photographer. I am from Kent and adore the countryside and the smell of freshly cut grass. I love nothing more than spending time in nature and finding gratitude in each…

8 min

Maternal Mental Health

Mental health awareness for mums

I have written and rewritten this article more times than I care to admit, but the main reason is I really want to get this right. This week is perinatal mental health awareness week and that…

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