Health & Wellbeing

Discovering The Joy of a Little Yoga Every Day

Healthy routine & commitment

It’s almost a month since I wrote this new year/reflective piece for A Life Loved and I wanted to check in to firstly see how you are getting on with new, more positive and healthy routines…

5 min

Managing My Disease: My Lifestyle Overhaul (Part 1)

Living with disease

It was 2008 when I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. A few years before this I had noticed that I was suffering from classic IBS symptoms and of course, that’s what the GP put it…

3 min

Have You Had Your Smear?

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – #smearforsmear

It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is a ruddy good job, because, had it not been, the letter from my Doctor prompting me to book my actual smear test, that arrived months ago and has been…

2 min

Alive and Unplugged

Detaching yourself from social media

One of my earliest childhood memories is of pressing my ear against the pavement outside my parents’ house in an attempt to hear people on the other side of the world… Yes I was a strange…

5 min

Creating a Little Space for 2018

Making you time a priority

I have always loved New Year. The New Year represents a clean slate, a fresh start, a whole 365 days ahead of possibilities. All the sins of 2017 forgiven and forgotten overnight! Every year since I can…

4 min

Why Don’t We Talk About Periods?

De-shaming the secret world of womanhood

Share a bottle of wine with me, and it probably won’t be long before the conversation turns to my current favourite topic: periods. Mooncups, cramps, cervical mucus – nothing’s off limits here. Maybe it’s just me,…

7 min

How one moment changed my life forever

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 27

I have thought long and hard over the past few months about writing and publishing my story. I flick-flack between wanting to make my story known, so that it can help someone else, to feeling ashamed…

16 min

Seven Days

Ditching bad habits for healthy routine

Happy New Year to you lovelies! I’m so delighted to have you here, and so thrilled to be back writing for A Life Loved after a much needed festive-break, time spent seeing in the New Year…

9 min

Celebrating YOU This January: Simple Daily Yoga Practice

Starting out with positive intentions

December is the month of Celebration. When we enjoy the rewards of the year, acknowledge our achievements and take a welcome break surrounded by our loved ones. By the time January swings around we can feel partied out,…

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