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Amsterfam: Ten Things The Netherlands is Doing to My Body

From London to Amsterdam with three kids

Time for a top-to-toe stock-check: here are ten ways my body has changed after half a year in The Netherlands. Hair Imagine, if you will, the love child of Brian May and Ursula the Sea Witch….

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No more cakes. No more biscuits. No more crisps.

Could an ‘innocent’ children’s book be contributing to the eating disorders epidemic?

I was recently enjoying a one-year-old’s birthday party when I stumbled upon a copy of one of her books: ‘The Large Family – A Piece Of Cake’. An innocent purchase and a much loved classic children’s…

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Why I’ll Never Ascribe to Clean Eating

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Since A Life Loved launched, I’ve known I’ve wanted to write this article but shied away from it so many times. Not because I don’t believe 100% in the words I’m about to write, but because…

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Finding Balance in this Crazy World

Self love & care

Happy Valentine everyone! Time for a little self love. And here I am, swimming in the sweet irony of writing a blog about finding balance whilst all around me is chaos. I am currently hiding in our…

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 The Therapy Of Walking

Get outside & play

My dog is a in a very happy place at the moment. As I’m writing this, she’s curled around my legs next to me on the sofa doing a rather marvellous impression of a hot water…

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Discovering The Joy of a Little Yoga Every Day

Healthy routine & commitment

It’s almost a month since I wrote this new year/reflective piece for A Life Loved and I wanted to check in to firstly see how you are getting on with new, more positive and healthy routines…

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Managing My Disease: My Lifestyle Overhaul (Part 1)

Living with disease

It was 2008 when I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. A few years before this I had noticed that I was suffering from classic IBS symptoms and of course, that’s what the GP put it…

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Value Based Decision Making

Living your truth and working out what’s important

Are you struggling with making a major life decision? Or are you unsure what direction to take in the future? Maybe you have a less dramatic sounding decision to make that is, the outcome of which…

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Steph Dwyer – Endurance Racer

Support, encouragement & belief

As I drive through the Yorkshire Dales on a cold and snowy morning, I am dazzled by the beauty of this part of the world. I feel very at home here. I catch a glimpse of…

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Have You Had Your Smear?

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week – #smearforsmear

It’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, which is a ruddy good job, because, had it not been, the letter from my Doctor prompting me to book my actual smear test, that arrived months ago and has been…

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