Self Love & Personal Improvement

The Complexities of ‘Body-Positivity

How we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic

I was asked to respond to a comment on Annabel’s recent blog post regarding how we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic – where does promoting health, fit with body positivity?…

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Does Life Begin at 40?

Navigating my way through the treacle of life, in the middle of life

I’m 41 and a half years old. I’m ‘in’ my forties. ‘Naughty at forty’, hmmmm not really but then ‘sensible and responsible at forty’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Legend has it that…

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10 Top Self Care Tips

Making sure you look after you

I’ve seen the term ‘self-care’ pop up a lot of late, but what does it actually mean? My initial thoughts were that is was to do with allowing and giving time for yourself, guilt free…perhaps it…

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Mastering Our Negative Thoughts

How to become a master of your thoughts and not a victim

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how we can recognise and master our negative thought patterns. I am not a psychologist, these thoughts are just my own musings from personal experience and self-reflection. By negative thought…

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Finding Balance in this Crazy World

Self love & care

Happy Valentine everyone! Time for a little self love. And here I am, swimming in the sweet irony of writing a blog about finding balance whilst all around me is chaos. I am currently hiding in our…

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Value Based Decision Making

Living your truth and working out what’s important

Are you struggling with making a major life decision? Or are you unsure what direction to take in the future? Maybe you have a less dramatic sounding decision to make that is, the outcome of which…

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One Little Word

An alternative to the January resolutions

So we’re in the third week of January now.  We’ve experienced Blue Monday, and it’s probably no longer appropriate to say ‘Happy New Year’ to people you haven’t seen since the start of the year.  In fact the…

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Human-beings and Exercise

Self Care

Seven months ago, I found myself in an unhelpful place. It was something which had bubbled beneath the surface for many months and one which in truth, I would struggle to explain on paper. But it…

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