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Home is where the heart is – use these pages to explore interior design and renovations, gather tips on entertaining guests at home, learn how to grow things and nurture your outdoor space and be inspired by our archive of recipes that we’ll be adding to every week.

Bhaji Burger

Crispy veggie bhaji patties – quick and easy!

This is one of those dishes that came about after a few minutes of staring into the fridge thinking “huh, I don’t really have any food…”. Faced with some veg, a tub of homemade hummus and…

2 min

Building The Dream, Chapter 6: Kitchen Goals & Pantry Porn

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family

It’s more of a design inspiration style post for you today, lovely people. I had planned to write all about how we had finally achieved being wind and watertight this month, but despite having aimed to…

9 min

The Great British BBQ

How to cure yourself of Meat Mania

Now that summer is finally sticking it’s head above the parapet, you’re probably dusting off your barbecue, heading to the local garage for a bag of quick light charcoal and stripping the shelves of your nearest…

5 min

Building The Dream, Chapter 5: What a Facade!

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family

We are giddy with excitement! It has been such a good month (on balance!), so I am pleased to say we are set for a rather chirpier post than usual. Yippee! Let’s talk wood. The thing…

10 min

Crispy Chickpea Salad

A crunchy salad with crispy gluten-free ‘croutons’

All hail the chickpea! Not just the stuff of your velvety humous dreams (what do you mean you don’t dream about humous?!) it can also be the crispy, gluten-free ‘crouton’ in your salad. A chef friend…

2 min

Living the Rented Life

Adding your own style and decor to rented homes

If I close my eyes, I see a beautiful stone period cottage, overgrown with ivy and white roses. Inside, the wooden beams are chewed by woodworm and time. There is a log burner in the sitting…

5 min

Eating With The Eyes

For the love of Italian Food (+ a recipe for Ravioli with Ricotta Cheese, Courgettes and Giant Red Shrimps)

A pasta machine has been relegated to the bottom shelf of our kitchen cupboard for longer than I am prepared to admit due to the fact that neither of us have time to use it. My…

7 min

The Joys of Looking for a House to Buy

Rightmove addiction and learning to make compromise

Hot on the heels of last weeks post regarding the trials and tribulations of selling your home, I thought it was rather timely to add a few thoughts about looking for a property that you potentially…

5 min

The life-changing magic of the seven minute tidy

How to spark joy without throwing anything away!

I think it’s a fair to assume that every one of you reading this has read or, at the very least, heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. If you don’t already fold…

4 min