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Home is where the heart is – use these pages to explore interior design and renovations, gather tips on entertaining guests at home, learn how to grow things and nurture your outdoor space and be inspired by our archive of recipes that we’ll be adding to every week.

Romance and Renovation

The trials and tribulations of keeping the love alive whilst the builders are in! 

When we embarked on renovating our home, I thought the most challenging thing was going to be whether we could afford it and if we would be able to get the right tradesmen in to do…

4 min

A Room With A Twist

Creating a family room that really works for the whole family

I’m sitting in the local Costa café trying to enjoy a relaxing 10 minutes of what has been an otherwise disastrous day. The type where the car doesn’t want to start in the morning, you are…

3 min

Scrumbles Living – Part 4

The painters are booked!

The painters are booked! They’ll be with us in a few weeks’ time and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We know it will be chaos for a bit, and we’ll all be camping in…

4 min

Building The Dream, Chapter 3: Walls

Documenting the trials and tribulations of our self build home

Aaaaand breathe. This past month has not been easy. For the first time, I have actually started to wonder if it’s all worth the hassle. But following one of the biggest ever (and very few) arguments…

10 min

The Best Carrot Cake You Will Ever Make*

*Disclaimer: I haven’t tried ALL the carrot cakes in the world. Yet.

Confession, my sister must have made this cake half a dozen times before I actually tried it. She’d tell me it was the best carrot cake ever, I’d nod and smile and make agreeable noises, but…

2 min

Foolproof pancakes

Fluffy American Style or Lacy crêpes, we’ve got you covered

Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day – whatever you call it and however you celebrate it, there’s no denying the child-like joy that comes with being able, nay expected, to eat pancakes for dinner….

3 min

Spicy Black Beans + Veggie Sprinkles

Just don’t call it bowl food

Less a recipe and more a suggestion, this is my go to lunch when I’m working from home. A few minutes prep and then the beans can be left to simmer on the stove until thickened…

2 min

Scrumbles Living – Building our family home in the New Forest

Part 4: The bathroom makeover

Now we’re onto the fun bit. I’ve absolutely loved building our house and getting involved with all the planning and design details but I must admit to feeling very overwhelmed by decisions at times. I really…

6 min

Building the Dream, Chapter Two: A New Life

Documenting the trials and tribulations of our self build home

I wish I could tell you I am taking everything in my stride and this whole self-build malarkey is a breeze and that we are total pros at this, but in fact I am writing this…

5 min

5 Cookbooks for Getting You Out of a Kitchen Rut

…and into a new cuisine

Chances are that along with a multitude of other people, you decided that this was the year you were going to cook more healthily. Or become a vegetarian. Or perhaps be more adventurous in the kitchen….

4 min