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Home is where the heart is – use these pages to explore interior design and renovations, gather tips on entertaining guests at home, learn how to grow things and nurture your outdoor space and be inspired by our archive of recipes that we’ll be adding to every week.

Spicy Black Beans + Veggie Sprinkles

Just don’t call it bowl food

Less a recipe and more a suggestion, this is my go to lunch when I’m working from home. A few minutes prep and then the beans can be left to simmer on the stove until thickened…

2 min

Scrumbles Living – Building our family home in the New Forest

Part 4: The bathroom makeover

Now we’re onto the fun bit. I’ve absolutely loved building our house and getting involved with all the planning and design details but I must admit to feeling very overwhelmed by decisions at times. I really…

6 min

Building the Dream, Chapter Two: A New Life

Our self build home journey

I wish I could tell you I am taking everything in my stride and this whole self-build malarkey is a breeze and that we are total pros at this, but in fact I am writing this…

5 min

5 Cookbooks for Getting You Out of a Kitchen Rut

…and into a new cuisine

Chances are that along with a multitude of other people, you decided that this was the year you were going to cook more healthily. Or become a vegetarian. Or perhaps be more adventurous in the kitchen….

4 min

The Only Scone Recipe You will Ever Need

(and the right way to top them!)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you want to start a fight in the West Country, one need only express an opinion regarding scones, pasties, or clotted cream. Nothing gets a Cornish man more…

4 min

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home

Interior decor & style

Is it a bit too late to still be saying Happy New Year? I still feel like it is new year – I mean it is only in the month of January I have a roller coaster…

4 min

Thai Coconut, Butternut and Lentil Soup

Made with homemade khao soi paste

After feasting on my Crunchy Squash Tacos on Tuesday, I was left with a surplus of butternut squash (it was a big ‘un!), and rather than let anything go to waste, yesterday lunchtime I threw together…

2 min

Crunchy Butternut Squash Tacos with Creamy Lime Dressing

Vegan and gluten free

I LOVE Mexican food. Like most people of my generation, I grew up eating tacos made from minced beef and an Old El Paso taco kit and thought that was that. It wasn’t until I started…

3 min

A Kitchen Spring Clean

And a recipe for homemade vegetable bouillon

The season of the spring clean is well and truly upon us. Wardrobes up and down the country are having their doors flung open and their contents scrutinised. Hallway closets, cupboards under the stairs, airing cupboards,…

6 min