The Complexities of ‘Body-Positivity

How we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic

I was asked to respond to a comment on Annabel’s recent blog post regarding how we navigate body positivity when also faced with a societal obesity epidemic – where does promoting health, fit with body positivity?…

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Facing Fitness Facts and Body Fat

Early musings on finding the time to finally get fit

Those of you who follow @alifelovedblog on Instagram might be aware that recently, I’ve taken up training. I shared some Instagram Stories yesterday  – fresh out of my hour-long training session, complete with zero makeup and…

10 min

Building The Dream, Chapter 6: Kitchen Goals & Pantry Porn

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family

It’s more of a design inspiration style post for you today, lovely people. I had planned to write all about how we had finally achieved being wind and watertight this month, but despite having aimed to…

9 min

Your Capsule Collection: how to build a wardrobe for life

Sustainable clothing choices

Welcome all to your next instalment of the sustainable fashion diaries. Spring finally did arrive then, in fact there’s a chance it’s sprung so far we might be in summer already, and this is the time…

4 min

Big Little Trip: A Mother and Daughter Travel Adventure

Part 6: Worldschooling in Nicaragua

Lisa has spent almost a decade juggling her career as a television producer with single motherhood, she is now taking a year out to go backpacking around Latin America with her nine-year-old daughter, Lily. You can…

8 min

Great Concealers for ALL Skin Types and Colour

101 things to know about eye concealers, colour correctors and brighteners

Our eyes communicate so much, they’re often the first feature people notice, and with our always-on, attention demanding screen-based culture, they’re often tired and over worked. So I’ve put together a guide to putting some pep…

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Times with my dad: Life, death and values

Dementia Awareness Week

A few weeks ago, I went to a driving range with my dad, he turns 78 this year – just him and me hanging out for a few hours on a Friday morning, doing something fun. It…

10 min

Thank You, Love

When love is the way

On 19th May I watched Doria Ragland eyes fill with tears as she sat alone in St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle. I felt so moved, I wanted to reach out and give her a warm…

5 min

The Joys of Impromptu Camping

How an unplanned night under canvas (or nylon) can recharge those batteries

I didn’t really camp much as a child – my family opted for different types of holidays, all wonderful, but never camping. We did however camp out in the back garden on occasion (which was a…

5 min

Life After Parental Suicide

The goodbye I never got to say

Dear Dad, Much like you with the note that you wrote, I too don’t know where to begin. How do I possibly begin to say goodbye to you? To you, oh to you, my Dad… I…

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