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Real life stories will bind together the content of A Life Loved. We don’t want to shy away from anything we have to face in life as human beings and more importantly, as women – so expect lots of honest and heartfelt stories, uplifting content from inspirational women, career interviews, discussions around feminism and interesting and topical points of view.

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Our final feature

Six months ago, we hit the ‘go live’ button on our new ‘lifestyle’ site – a space that was intended to be an extension of the loveliness of Love My Dress, a community where our newlywed…

5 min

Be More Danish Part 6: Enough is Enough

Getting a grip of the social media comparison trap

Ducklings! Tadah – and today, I shall lay myself bare (figuratively – much prettier than literally) and tell you the story of one woman’s rocky journey to re-prioritising life and finding her ‘Enough’. But first, a little…

6 min

How You Can Help Immigrant Families Being Separated

Taking action against a horrifying violation of human rights

You’ve probably head that the Trump Administration is separating children from their parents at the US/Mexico border. These children and infants are ripped from their asylum seeking parents and held in old warehouses, box stores, and…

2 min

You Are My Sunshine!

How important is exposure to the sun for our mental and physical health?

The recent spell of hot weather is a welcome change for many of us across the UK; I live in Cumbria where having consistent sunshine, for more than a few days of the year, is pretty…

4 min

Fashion After My Mastectomy

Accepting and celebrating my breast removal scars

I couldn’t wait to have my breast removed. As I packed my bag (pre-mastectomy) on operation day, I packed, unpacked, packed and unpacked my bras. One, comforting and practical, one seductive, lacy and uncomfortable, and one…

5 min

How to Plan a Wedding When Someone You Love is Seriously Ill

When life throws a curveball

In October 2016, my other half and I got engaged. He surprised me with a trip to Paris and proposed overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We spent the weekend drinking champagne, walking by the Seine and eating…

8 min

How to Donate Your Blood to Help Others

World Blood Donor Day – June 14th 2018

I have never given blood, but I intend to. I don’t really have a reason why I haven’t done it up until now (I’m 41). For quite some time I believed that because I have quite…

3 min

The Homeschool Diaries, Part 2: Preparing to Homeschool

A six part mini-series highlighting key aspects of homeschooling a young teen

Once you have made the decision to homeschool your child or children, then a certain amount of preparation is necessary to ensure that you are equipped (both mentally and in terms of ‘stuff’) to do the…

5 min

Facing Fitness Facts and Body Fat

Early musings on finding the time to finally get fit

Those of you who follow @alifelovedblog on Instagram might be aware that recently, I’ve taken up training. I shared some Instagram Stories yesterday  – fresh out of my hour-long training session, complete with zero makeup and…

10 min

The Right Words

Finding inspiration in a good motivational quote

Quotes, mantras, meditations – call them what you will, the potential joy that can be attained from a few simple inspirational words are totally where it’s at. My naturally cynical mind used to scoff at the…

3 min