Life Changing Event – Quitting My Job

Taking a Leap of faith, trusting your gut and learning to embrace fear

I woke up, got out of bed, went to splash some water on my face, looked in the mirror and didn’t recognise myself. Even by my own ginger standards, I looked pale. My face was drawn….

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Taking A Leap

Why one career doesn’t have to be for life

Hello a life loved readers! If you have read any of my previous posts (lessons learned whilst renovating and how to refresh your home) you will already know that I am interiors obsessed! I can’t pinpoint exactly…

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But What about Your Pension?

A career change at 40

But What About Your Pension? They were some of the very first words uttered to me by several people including my parents when I broke the news that I would be leaving my career of 17…

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