Points of View

Why I take my small child to marches and protests

On mothering and activism

A funny thing about becoming a parent is that it affects you in ways you could have never anticipated, while other things end up being not so different from the life you had without children. Before…

3 min

Thank You, Love

When love is the way

On 19th May I watched Doria Ragland eyes fill with tears as she sat alone in St. George’s chapel at Windsor Castle. I felt so moved, I wanted to reach out and give her a warm…

5 min

Race and Royalty

Why Ms. Markle Is Significant

As the Meghan-Harry wedding approaches, I’ve been thinking about the significance of Ms. Markle joining the Royal fold. I am not a Royalist, you understand. Whilst I appreciate the continued need for a monarchy in practical…

3 min

Six Months In

Our achievements so far and planning for the future

Hello you, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday relaxing and finding a little time for you. I wanted to reserve this spot in our editorial calendar to write from my heart, today, as my thoughts…

5 min

The Problem With Zoos

If our modern zoos are doing so much good, why do they make me feel so bad?

On holiday in Lyon last month, my husband and I were strolling the Parc de la Tête d’Or, watching geese preen themselves by the lakes and walking off the fuzz of three days of good French…

11 min

Extra Extra Large

It’s 2018 – why is Zara still not doing sizing right?

On Saturday, my youngest daughter and I visited Newcastle to do a little shopping. I rarely do proper shop-shopping these days – most of what I purchase is done online. To be perfectly honest, I really…

5 min

Is Work/Life Balance a Myth?

Is the standard 9-5 a thing of the past?

It’s 7.45am and I’m sitting in my local cafe devouring a cappuccino (OK, and a gooey, chocolat-ey treat). As a freelancer, and as the word rightly suggests, I have the freedom to work wherever and whenever…

4 min


It’s time to update how we define and measure intelligence in our modern world

When we think of measuring intelligence we could be forgiven for instantly referring to or thinking of IQ scores. An ‘intelligence quotient’ is derived by dividing a persons ‘mental age’ score, from a standardised IQ test,…

6 min

The True Meaning of Hygge

When popular culture gets it wrong

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve most likely seen or heard the word ‘Hygge’ at some point over the last 18 months. But in case you haven’t, Hygge is a Danish word for cozy, intimate,…

3 min