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Your Capsule Collection: how to build a wardrobe for life

Sustainable clothing choices

Welcome all to your next instalment of the sustainable fashion diaries. Spring finally did arrive then, in fact there’s a chance it’s sprung so far we might be in summer already, and this is the time…

4 min

Great Concealers for ALL Skin Types and Colour

101 things to know about eye concealers, colour correctors and brighteners

Our eyes communicate so much, they’re often the first feature people notice, and with our always-on, attention demanding screen-based culture, they’re often tired and over worked. So I’ve put together a guide to putting some pep…

4 min

The ultimate guide to The Ordinary Beauty Products

What to buy, what it does, and what to do with it

The Ordinary is a groundbreaking range of skincare that has been making huge waves in the beauty industry since its launch just over a year ago. Offering powerful, single-ingredient and low-cost products, the brand has revolutionised the…

9 min

Extra Extra Large

It’s 2018 – why is Zara still not doing sizing right?

On Saturday, my youngest daughter and I visited Newcastle to do a little shopping. I rarely do proper shop-shopping these days – most of what I purchase is done online. To be perfectly honest, I really…

5 min

How to build a sustainable wardrobe without breaking the bank

Four top tips for breaking the fast-fashion cycle

If you’ve ever Googled (or Bing’d, Yahoo’d or whatever else you use) ‘ethical fashion brands’ you’re going to think the title of this piece is lying to you. I feel ya. When I first started getting…

4 min

Beauty is Skin Deep

Establishing a good daily skincare routine + advice on what products to use

It almost goes without saying how important protecting your skin and treating it well is. Not only is this good for your health and sense of wellbeing, it will also mean you look great/fresh/well slept and…

6 min

Embracing My Afro Curls

Celebrating black beauty

It’s fair to say that everyone is insecure about at least one aspect of their physical appearance. In my experience, women in particular routinely berate themselves for looking too fat, too old, too much of something,…

4 min

The Eyes Have It

Creams, gels, masks and make-up for putting the pep back into your peepers!

Wether you consider them a window to your soul or a window to how many times your kid woke up last night, there’s no denying that our eyes are one of the most visual indicators of…

3 min

It’s Vintage, Darling

Building your sustainable wardrobe

If you read my last post which was an introduction to sustainable fashion then you may have been considering how sustainable your own wardrobe is right now. You may have thought about how you can switch…

6 min

Basket Case

Bag yourself the must-have bag of the summer…

You couldn’t shake a virtual social media stick last summer without hitting a fashion post featuring baskets and woven handbags. The staple of old French ladies, country housewives from an episode of Miss Marple, and eternal…

2 min