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The Eyes Have It

Creams, gels, masks and make-up for putting the pep back into your peepers!

Wether you consider them a window to your soul or a window to how many times your kid woke up last night, there’s no denying that our eyes are one of the most visual indicators of…

3 min

It’s Vintage, Darling

Building your sustainable wardrobe

If you read my last post which was an introduction to sustainable fashion then you may have been considering how sustainable your own wardrobe is right now. You may have thought about how you can switch…

6 min

Basket Case

Bag yourself the must-have bag of the summer…

You couldn’t shake a virtual social media stick last summer without hitting a fashion post featuring baskets and woven handbags. The staple of old French ladies, country housewives from an episode of Miss Marple, and eternal…

2 min

The Beauty of Bathing

Life as a water baby

Cats or dogs? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Tea or coffee? Bath or shower? Nothing defines or divides us quite like the minutiae of our daily lives. As a self-confessed bath-lover, I’m always baffled when…

3 min

Top Picks for High-Street Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup Products

Responsible beauty + ethical makeup

The popularity of vegan and cruelty-free makeup products is understandably on the rise and to date there are around 100 brands that produce these. I always try to include as many in my professional makeup kit…

4 min

New Year, New Me, New Sustainable Lifestyle?

Finding room for sustainability in your wardrobe

Ah, 2018. 2018! Where does the time go? I know this makes me sound more and more like my mother every time I say it (which isn’t a bad thing by the way) but WHERE DOES…

5 min

In Praise of the Granny Dress

It’s a modern fashion marvel

If conversations overheard in the office, on the tube or on social media over the last week are anything to go by, you and everyone you know is having a wardrobe clear out. We are, after…

3 min

A Winter Skincare Survival Guide

How to get your winter glow on

Baby, it’s cold outside. And what’s worse, for your skin at least, it’s warm inside. Add going cold turkey on meat/dairy/sugar/alcohol/all of the above, and it’s probably safe to assume that right now your skin is…

4 min

Festive Beauty Buys + Makeover Tips

Look + feel fabulous this Christmas

Welcome to the brand new A Life Loved® beauty series! We’re so delighted you are here and super-excited to be partnering with our friend and founder Annabel and her team to deliver you regular beauty updates,…

5 min

Like A Scarf, But Better

I travel a lot. Not 5-countries-a-week lot, but a lot for your average Jo. It’s one of the perks, nay reasons for being self-employed. In fact I’m writing this piece at 41,00ft (I checked on the interactive…

4 min