Abortion Referendum – Now it’s Time for the Women of Northern Ireland

An appeal to the people of Great Britain and Ireland to extend a hand to the women of Northern Ireland

On Friday 25 May 2018, for the first time in history, the people of the Republic of Ireland voted to make abortion a legal and safe healthcare procedure in their country by an overwhelming majority of…

5 min

How to Perfectly Shape your Eyebrows

Advice from the experts

Eyebrows play a vital role in your overall beauty approach – they can simply make or break your entire look. Eyebrow shaping can do more to improve your appearance than most other beauty treatments. If the…

4 min

A Kitchen Spring Clean

And a recipe for homemade vegetable bouillon

The season of the spring clean is well and truly upon us. Wardrobes up and down the country are having their doors flung open and their contents scrutinised. Hallway closets, cupboards under the stairs, airing cupboards,…

6 min

Building the Dream, Chapter One: Laying The Foundations

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family of five

Well hello, darling lovely ones!! How very exciting to be writing my first feature as a regular contributor to A Life Loved. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I am…

11 min