12 Days of Christmas

Essential oils for the festive period

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Hello everyone, I hope this finds you well on the eve of Christmas, that you all settled and ready to enjoy some precious celebratory and family time. I’m hoping you’ll have had a moment to read my first post for A Life Loved. These are such special days as we move between celebration and excess, reflection and gratitude, and I have 12 oils here that can help support you through it all.

On the first day of Christmas

A digestive blend (containing essential oils like ginger, peppermint, fennel, anise, caraway, tarragon and coriander) is going to be your best friend, trust me! By the time Her Majesty is addressing the nation, you can be sitting (or reclining) communing with your post-feast belly-massaging this blend in a clockwise motion with gratitude for the extra Yorkies you should probably not have devoured.

On the second day of Christmas

I recommend having some lavender to hand. For many of us, this is a day for quiet retreat after the festivities of the preceding day, though we may not always be granted that luxury. So having some lavender on hand to diffuse, or apply topically to calm the last of your fraying nerves…or if you’re lucky enough to have that space for a box set marathon, this fine aroma will help you sink right into it.

On the third day of Christmas

Whether it’s back to work or not, we probably need to do something productive today and peppermint can offer the “pep” we will likely need! Add a drop to a little carrier oil (e.g. jojoba, coconut or sweet almond) on the palm of your hands and rub them together. Cup over your nose and inhale deeply. You could also rub a little around your neck.

On the fourth day of Christmas

We’re mid-way through the final week of the year. The next few days would be the perfect time to take stock of the year that is has been. Clary Sage is known as The Oil of Clarity and Vision and is a great oil to diffuse whilst reflecting on your accomplishments (however big or small) of 2017. Grab your journal and scribble your answers to prompts such as: I am proud of myself for… and I was brave when…

On the fifth day of Christmas

It’s nearly the weekend again. Wild Orange will get you through the final hours at work. If you have your peppermint to hand, you can combine the two in your trusty diffuser to well and truly give you the final push!

On the sixth day of Christmas

The cusp of a new year! This is a good time to bring closure to 2017 ahead of the celebrations of tomorrow. Spikenard is The Oil of Gratitude and invites us to experience total acceptance of our blessings and challenges through gratitude. Grab your journal again and take a moment to say some final thank yous as the year draws to an end.

On the seventh day of Christmas

It’s New Year’s Eve! Who better to see in the New Year with than Rose- The Queen of essential oils? Rose opens our heart chakra, helping us farewell the past year and greet the new one with love and joy…all the while smelling phenomenal!

On the eighth day of Christmas

Did we party a little too hard? Today may call for a trio of oils to rescue us and help get us through the day. I recommend 3 drops each of Wild Orange, Lemon and Peppermint in the diffuser. If you need a little something extra to soothe the aches, I would suggest 1 drop of each of the above oils, plus a drop of lavender into 10ml of carrier oil. Massage gently over the weary body.

On the ninth day of Christmas

The insidious creep of the January Blues. We need an invigorating blend (with essential oils such as wild orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, tangerine, and clementine) to save the day. Yes – we need all the citrus help we can get! Diffuse liberally, or add to carrier oil and apply topically (do be aware that some of the citrus oils are photosensitive, so avoid applying to parts of the body that will be exposed to sunlight or UV rays).

On the tenth day of Christmas

Are we on the right path of manifestation here? Are we working and living in alignment with who we are and who we want to be? Are we happy? Frankincense, The Oil of Truth and Black Pepper, The Oil of Unmasking can help us dig deep and reveal our inner truth. Create some private space to diffuse these oils and journal freely about what ignites your soul. What motivates you? How can you invite more of it into your life?

On the eleventh day of Christmas

I’m ready for some floral! Not only is Christmas over but also we’re in the heart of winter, so today calls for a little jasmine. An effective essential oil in dispelling restlessness and depression, she also awakens passion within and enhances our intuition and creativity. After all the introspection and journaling of previous days, we could all do with some jasmine today.

On the twelfth day of Christmas

Aside from making sure you take down the Christmas decorations (if you haven’t done so already) diffuse a purifying blend of essential oils such as lemon, Siberian fir, citronella, lime, tea tree, and coriander to revitalise the energy system and step fully and purposefully into the New Year.

Here’s to a wonderfully fragrant and mindful year ahead; may your dreams be aromatic and your reality healthy and full.

Note: Always be mindful when buying and using essential oils for therapeutic purposes to purchase your essential oils from ethical suppliers who provide not only a pure grade essential oil, but one which is obtained sustainably and fairly traded.

Disclaimer: All health related information is made available for information purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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