How to Feel Happy and Healthy in Spring

Sustainable wellbeing and self care + details of an innovative new virtual wellbeing retreat

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Hello, my name is Lizzie, and I’m the founder of State Of Liberty. Having previously shared ways to improve your wellbeing in winter, today I’m focussing on the arrival of spring.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are five seasons: spring, summer, late summer, autumn and winter. Each season supports, nourishes and prepares the body for the next season, creating a constant cycle of wellbeing.

Spring is a season of upward, expansive energy, growth and new beginnings. It’s the perfect time for planning, creating new routines and forming connections. As the days grow longer and lighter, we naturally have more energy and can welcome a period of development and transformation.

To benefit from the natural vibrancy of the season, it’s important we align ourselves with its energy.

Here are three simple habits to help you feel happy and healthy in spring…


Spring Clean

We all know spring is a prime time for cleaning and clearing. Building a safe, supportive and inspiring environment at home is a key part of establishing a regular wellbeing routine.

Focus on creating spaces that support and nourish you. De-clutter unwanted and unused belongings, deep clean a few key areas of your home and try adding fresh flowers throughout. These simple steps can change the atmosphere in your home completely, helping you move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling light and inspired.

We recommend diffusing lemon essential oil when spring cleaning. It’s an uplifting and cleansing aroma that expands our energy and reduces tension.


Nourish Your Liver

In Chinese Medicine, spring is governed by the element of wood, of which the primary organ is the liver. The liver is supported with the nutrition inherent in new leaves and shoots, the colour green, and with foods with sour flavours. It’s highly beneficial to eat fresh leafy greens, baby root veggies and newly sprouted seeds and beans.

You can also support your liver and your digestive system by eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and natural yoghurt, and drinking water or milk kefir and kombucha. If you don’t tolerate fermented foods well, you can still nourish your liver with sour foods by adding a squeeze of lemon juice or a spoonful of apple cider vinegar to your drinking water.

For more inspiration and ideas, read our blog post abouteating well in spring.


Practice Mindfulness

Life is busy and full of distractions, so it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves and become trapped in a never-ending cycle of automatic thinking and doing. Mindfulness helps us break out of this pattern and focus our attention more deeply on the here and now. By becoming more mindful, we can improve our relationships, cultivate creativity, increase quality of sleep, encourage openness to learning and nurture general feelings of happiness.

The kitchen is great place to practise mindfulness. Everyday tasks such as making tea, washing up, cooking dinner can be greatly enhanced with mindful breathing. You can find a simple exercise created by SOL mindfulness expert, Gemma David, on our blog here.


State Of Liberty Online Wellbeing Retreats

At State Of Liberty, our approach to self-care is all about sustainable wellbeing. We want to help you develop habits and practices that support you day-to-day, month-to-month, season-to-season and year-to-year, positively contributing to your future health, wellbeing and happiness.

Produced in collaboration with a team of leading wellbeing experts, our innovative online retreats are inspired by nature and aligned with the seasons. Each one incorporates six key elements – yoga, food, meditation, mindfulness, pampering, and sleep – all of which have been carefully designed to complement each other, helping you adopt a holistic approach to your own wellbeing.

Our spring retreat is taking place on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of May. We would love for you to join us, so we’re offering the ALL community a 20% discount.

Find out more and book your place here.

You will be able use your voucher to book a place on the retreat until the 26th of April – SpringALL

Love Lizzie x

Virtual Wellbeing Retreat, 5th and 6th May 2018

Click this box to find out more and book your place. As an A Life Loved reader, you are entitled to a 20% saving when booking.
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