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In the lush leafy part of London we have chosen to call home, nobody wants the newbuilds. They want the beautiful period properties surrounding the even more beautiful garden square.

Buying in London is tough enough, so maybe this slightly ugly characterless property was a compromise we could make. The upside – more space than we ever thought of and a ten year warranty (yawn!).

But developers don’t necessarily help themselves. The inside was equally as bland as the outside, so bland that it thoroughly turned me off. I want to live in a space that inspires me, one that makes me want to stay at home and relax or be creative within its walls. There are so many distractions in my wonderful city but home is my sacred space, the safest space to just be me.

So room-by-room, my superman and I will transform.

We have no rules, our approach can be playful, occasionally grown up, sometimes embracing colour but always a comfortable space to calm the mind and share the joys of life with friends and family. Our inspirations are eclectic from Soho House and Soho Home to House of Hackney and Chelsea Flower Show to just showcasing our adoration of beautiful craftsmanship.

So lets start at the beginning. Room number one! The worst offender… the kitchen!



The whole house is repugnantly neutral but in the kitchen we are confronted by lime green splash backs! To avoid this monstrosity, our first task upon exchange was to take our limited budget and go to Topps Tiles.

We love herringbone and so chose a variating grey marble herringbone tile. To create a more interesting look we turned the tiles on their side and left the edges exposed. This was surprisingly affordable at £500 including grout and sealer etc.



The outcome is a real transformation and so of course our cooking pans have to match right?!

Looking forward to taking you on our journey from Bland to Brilliant.

Mona x

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