Scrumbles Living – Building our family home in the New Forest

Part 3: We’re Home!

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We’re home. And oh what a feeling. But in so many ways we’ve also only just begun.  I wanted to give you a visual recap of our journey last year and what we’ve now created. We are now just at the beginning of our interiors journey but that’s definitely the most exciting part for me.

It makes the crazy seven months we spent living in a caravan with two small children oh so worth it. The next stage of our renovation will be done from the comfort of our beautiful, mould free, heated home with state of the art plumbing! See ya later caravan!

It was the most wonderful feeling to have moved ‘home’. The space is beyond our wildest dreams and my favourite thing to do at the moment is to open up our bedroom curtains and look out at our caravan (which is very much still sitting in the garden where we left it) and say out loud ‘how on earth did we live like that?’.

We moved in just before Christmas and the last trades finished on 23rd December, just in time for our family and friends to come for the next two weeks and well and truly christen our home. We are at a point now where the trades need to come back and keep going. We don’t have any render yet, (as the frost hit and we now need to wait for it to be warm enough to render without it all blowing) the cladding is unfinished and we have guttering hanging off all around the house.

The outside is still very much a construction site, the skip only left yesterday and we have a big landscaping project planned too. These are all big projects in their own right but having been through what we have, they feel entirely manageable.

First things first though planning, the interior. Paint, wallpaper, light fittings, plants, rugs. We’ve moved in to tiled bathrooms and kitchen and carpet upstairs and bare plaster everywhere.

Our utility and downstairs loo don’t have floors yet (just a mix-match of old tiles, screed, floor boards and pieces of carper used to hide all manor of sins).

But we have grand plans everywhere and I’m excited to start sharing our internal plans with you all, starting with some mood-boards in my next post.

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  • Kate – all I can say is I have MASSIVE house envy! I can’t stop looking at these pics! What a journey – you must be so pleased with the result?! Cx

    • Thank you Camilla, it’s beyond our wildest dreams. Now on to planning the interior. Can’t wait to share more xx

  • WOW! What an amazing transformation! You must be super proud with all your efforts. I have huge dining table/kitchen/in fact just everything envy :))

    • Thank you Camilla, I have to pinch myself that it’s ours. My husband made our table out of beams from the old house, it’s one of my favourite things. We’ve got so many other things planned, now onto the super exciting bit! x

    • Thank you Sophie. The kitchen colour felt like a big gamble, we weren’t sure whether to go for it or not but I’m so pleased we did x

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