Scrumbles Living – Part 4

The painters are booked!

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The painters are booked! They’ll be with us in a few weeks’ time and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We know it will be chaos for a bit, and we’ll all be camping in various rooms with lots of places out of bounds, but we lived in a touring caravan and bell tent, for seven months, with two small children. We can definitely handle camping inside our home that has heating, running water and separate bedrooms.

We’ve moved seven times over the last seven years (and lived in a caravan for seven months. I do love the number seven, but this is a bit spooky!), including completely striping out, renovating and extending a Victorian townhouse, and have been in various rental properties too, so putting our mark on our house that we will be in for a long time makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I can’t bring myself to use the term ‘forever home’, it’s always given me the shivers. If I call it ‘forever’, does that mean we wouldn’t be able to move? What if we want to go on an adventure and move internationally? Would I be committed to forever living here? I’m very committed to loving Mr Scrumbles forever, but he can come with me on life’s adventures. But a house? Let’s leave it that we’re in our home, that I will love living in for a long time. It might well be forever.

– My moodboard –

And this home has an office in it! Mr Scrumbles and I both work from home, so it’s a space we’re really excited about creating. And we’re going dark. Really dark. Everywhere. I’m talking Railings dark.

Wood work and all! And I can’t wait.

This room is the only room left from the original house. We haven’t changed the size at all, but we did brick up a window, so we could see our screens better, and make space for a long desk along one wall. We also bricked up a door, so we could build the utility on the other side of the wall, and really, what room ever needs two doors?! Being on the north side of the house it’s not a bright room and because we’re so spoilt with light in our main living space, we’re going to create a dark haven full of mid-century yumminess. 

When I first started on my Instagram renovation journey, it was this image that really resonated with me. I love hunting for vintage and second-hand pieces and whilst I swoon over all the vintage sites, it’s little ol’ Gumtree and eBay that I go back to time and time again. And it’s never let me down. I think the brown, green and dark walls in this image is stunning and we’ll be recreating it in our office and we have already found some cracking pieces that will be perfect. I can’t wait to share them.

When we were planning our build, we didn’t want to have a stand-alone playroom. We’ve had them in our previous homes, but they always became more of a dumping ground for toys, and a room that never actually got played in. We’ve instead put all the kids’ toys in their bedrooms and bring down bits for them to play with, in the main space, that live in our wooden chest and can be easily hidden away. Another glimpse into our plastered glory currently! Oh and, one of the mid-century pieces care of Gumtree. Chuffed!

– Excellent gumtree finds – 

As well as the office being our work space, we’re going to have a sofa set up so, as the children grow, they can use this room at weekends to watch movies with their friends. Right now, we’re in the time where, to watch a movie, they want us on the sofa, preferably acting as their sofa, sitting right on top of us, but I’m very aware we’re on borrowed time with this. Soon enough they’ll want to have somewhere else and as we are definitely not a TV in bedrooms family, this is the route we’re going down. So, I’m on the hunt for a vintage Ercol sofa, we need something small but stylish that will also work as a consultation space for me when clients come over.

– Ercol sofa + mid century inspiration –

We have one big wall, crying out for a long double desk which we’re going to make from the wonders of Ikea. I love mixing old and new and take so much pleasure trawling car boots and antiques markets, but I also love Ikea! Used well, and interspersed with pieces that tell a story, I think you really can’t go wrong. We’re going to go for two pieces of long white worktop, supported by drawers for storage, and trestle legs. Nothing new or ground breaking, Pinterest is covered in them, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that!

Just like in our bathroom, we’ll be having huge amounts of plants in this space, actually you’ll sense a theme running through our home. There are literally plants everywhere! My favourite day is Saturday, plant watering day. I go round so happily with my spritzer; currently a recycled Method antibacterial kitchen spray bottle! I’m yearning for a beautiful copper, grown up spritzer, but my time will come.

Now, I’m off to finalise paints and also think about window dressing. We have grey windows outside and white inside. Could I go for a plantation shutter or would that look weird for from the outside? Hmmm.

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