Let Them Try It Out!

What your child really gets from competitive sport

When my son started school, it’s fair to say that sport was not his thing. I’d dutifully trot along to football matches and cross country runs and watch as my boy lurked on the half-way line…

6 min

‘Being 13’ by Matilda Burke

Our 21st century world through the eyes of a 13 year old girl

Hello I’m Matilda, but people call me Tilly! I am 13 years old and home schooled. I live in the Lake district with my mum (Camilla, who is a writer and editor for ‘A Life Loved’)…

6 min

These Are The Days

Navigating my way through parenting & accepting the fate of my ovaries

I’ve secretly wanted 3 children for almost my entire adult life, but the practicalities of having 3 when you already have 2 daughters and 3 dogs and run your own home-based business are not as straight…

7 min

Musical Youth

An exploration of the role music plays in our lives

That image above is one of my favourite childhood photos. Not just because I’m sporting that mischievous smile, but because it represents the role music has played in my life from a young age. From falling…

5 min


New year reflections

The start of a new year inevitably sees many of us reminiscing on times gone by; a chance to sift through the good and the bad of our lives so far and keep or discard that…

5 min