Plastic Pollution

How Much Is Happy? 

Decluttering my life and stopping buying things I don’t need

It’s midnight and my husband is snoring next to me. I, on the other hand, am wide awake. It’s 19 hours since we touched down at Heathrow from our honeymoon and I’ve just woken up from six hours…

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The Messenger

A short story for national storytelling week

He stood, motionless, dazed, a pool of water gathering about his feet and disappearing into the sand as if he were traceless, invisible. As though he stood upon a golden creature, thirsty, drinking in his residue,…

5 min

Plastic Pollution

How a holiday in the Philippines highlighted our global crisis

Did you watch Blue Planet Two? It was a truly magnificent series, assuming you too were one of the 17+ million viewers, wouldn’t you agree? Educational and informative of course, but alongside the nurturing tones of Sir…

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