Self Build

Building The Dream, Chapter 5: What a Facade!

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family

We are giddy with excitement! It has been such a good month (on balance!), so I am pleased to say we are set for a rather chirpier post than usual. Yippee! Let’s talk wood. The thing…

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Scrumbles Living – Part 4

The painters are booked!

The painters are booked! They’ll be with us in a few weeks’ time and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We know it will be chaos for a bit, and we’ll all be camping in…

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Building The Dream, Chapter 3: Walls

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family of five

Aaaaand breathe. This past month has not been easy. For the first time, I have actually started to wonder if it’s all worth the hassle. But following one of the biggest ever (and very few) arguments…

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Building the Dream, Chapter Two: A New Life

Creating a ‘Self Build’ home for our family of five

I wish I could tell you I am taking everything in my stride and this whole self-build malarkey is a breeze and that we are total pros at this, but in fact I am writing this…

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