Short Stories

Domestic Conjecture

A collection of 3 short stories for national storytelling week

On day 1000 of winter break, a mom sits at the kitchen table browsing her inbox, and her six year old works on a word search next to her with a yellow crayon. In your day, you…

3 min

The Messenger

A short story for national storytelling week

He stood, motionless, dazed, a pool of water gathering about his feet and disappearing into the sand as if he were traceless, invisible. As though he stood upon a golden creature, thirsty, drinking in his residue,…

5 min

The Elephant in the Hall

A short story for national storytelling week

It is London, 1938. The brochure said it was ‘an imposing and beautiful modern building’, and that much was certainly true. I watched its construction with interest, enquired for the particulars and went to view a…

12 min