A Kitchen Spring Clean

And a recipe for homemade vegetable bouillon

The season of the spring clean is well and truly upon us. Wardrobes up and down the country are having their doors flung open and their contents scrutinised. Hallway closets, cupboards under the stairs, airing cupboards,…

6 min

Creature Comforts: The Ethics of Keeping Pets

Responsible & loving pet ownership

Recently I’ve become slightly obsessed with a pet rescue charity in Harbin, China. Through social media, I watch them save abandoned dogs from starvation on the streets or from meat trucks, and I squeeze my own…

9 min

What Being Vegan Means To Me

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Having been a vegetarian since my early teens, my 19th year on this planet saw me take the plunge and ‘Go Vegan’. I had always been empathetic to the plight of animals for as long as…

7 min