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We’ve got this

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Well oh my goodness, here we are! I can’t tell you how excited I am about A Life Loved right now and I hope that you’re already enjoying the journey too. I’m beyond thrilled that Annabel has asked me to write a weekly feature and so a very warm welcome to the first of them right now.

Before we jump right in, I feel as if I should introduce myself. If you’ve joined us from Love My Dress, you might recognise me as I’m Senior Features Writer. This does mean that I have the very lovely job of writing about weddings and it’s fair to say I love what I do. When I’m not sat at my desk tap tap tapping away, I’m probably out somewhere getting sweaty because I play and coach A LOT of netball. There’s a lot more besides these two little highlights but I’m pretty sure that will become clear over the coming week and, let’s be fair, a CV is never a terribly exciting thing to read.

So, now you’re sitting comfortably, let’s begin and as much as I’m writing this with one eye on excitement of the coming year, I’m also thinking a lot about the last few months and the fact that three little words have got me through.

It’s fair to say that November pretty much turned my world upside down. It was a mad, busy, emotional time that culminated on the first day of December with Son and I moving house. We moved in just four weeks from start to finish, two weeks before he finished school for the Christmas holidays and not that long before the big festive day itself. Was I absolutely bonkers to do this? Well, the jury is still out on that given how disgustingly ill I was over the Christmas break but I can tell you that I wouldn’t have changed anything if I could have my time again. Life is crazy lovely just now but I won’t pretend the last few weeks have been fun and games.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that moving house is stressful. It’s a bit like planning a wedding in that you’re suddenly flung into a world of which you have limited experience and you’re made to make lots of big decisions that you just know come with all kinds of consequences. How do you know if you’re doing the right thing and how on earth is all this going to work out? You’re drowning in emails, paperwork and the phone never stops ringing. Stop the world, I want to get off!

Of course, you don’t know that you’re doing the right thing (and I’ll leave the debate about if there even is a ‘right thing’ for another time) but you have to move forwards because standing still just isn’t an option. I’d love to say that I sailed through, being the Queen of Decisiveness and Positivity, but that would be a lie. I had wobbles, panics and sleepless nights but three words always helped.

We’ve got this.

Now when you read the title of this feature, did you think that I was going to be talking about those three little words? You know, the ‘I love you’ little words. Well I am and I’m not because you see, I have this rather amazing man in my life, or The Hottie as I think we’ll refer to him from hereon in, and as much as I melt when he tells me he loves me, these other three little words move me in a whole different way.

We’ve got this.

I can’t tell you just what those tiny, almost insignificant, little words can do. When they’re said by the people that you love most in the world and you know care about you, you feel invincible. You’ve got someone in your corner, someone who believes in you, trusts you to make good decisions and wants nothing but the best for you. Honestly, let me hear those words, give me a cape and I’ll head off to fight crime and save the world whilst wearing garishly coloured and slightly unseemly Lycra.

We’ve got this.

Whether those words pop up on your phone, are said to your face, whispered in your ear or written in a card, they change you. You feel stronger, more capable, more able to face the next challenge and you also feel safe in the knowledge that someone is willing you on, wherever in the world they are.

Yes, there might be a touch of jock-style bro-mance about it but it’s uplifting, positive and I’ve never taken it as being anything but brilliant. If you want a phrase that avoids sympathy but manages to be gentle whilst giving someone a big boost without mawkishness, this is the one for you.

In the week before I moved house, The Hottie was gallivanting with work on the other side of the world. I missed him so much it physically hurt and I would have done anything to have had him with me. But, as we’re all too flipping aware, life ain’t always a box of chocolates so we just had to tough it out despite the eight-hour time difference, his crazy work schedule and my rising sense of panic about the move.

But, when I was stressing about the amount I still had to pack or struggling to balance all the other stuff in my life with the move and all the associated upheaval, those three little words always fixed everything.

We’ve got this.

Even from thousands of miles away, The Hottie had my back, he was still on my team, he was my number one cheerleader and he made me feel that I wasn’t alone. He cared enough to message me in what was the middle of his night to check I was ok and despite the fact that he had plenty of his own stuff going on, he always made me feel that my stuff was top of his list.

We’ve got this, we’re together, we can face anything and anyone and when the good times come, we’ll be by each other’s side and we’ll be loving every single minute.

Hell yes we will.

So if there’s someone in your life who needs a boost, someone who’s feeling alone and overwhelmed, someone who’s struggling, unsure, confused or just a bit vulnerable, three little words can really show you care.

We’ve got this.

And, on the off chance that The Hottie is reading this, I just want you to know that we’ve absolutely, 100%, totally got this.

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  • Love this Tamryn! Hope you guys are settling in to your new home and that 2018 has had a good start x

    PS. our club needs a new netball coach if you ever fancy a commute…!!!!

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